ImageYesterday was a very busy and tired in Chomutov with Orimi company. I missed a call from a guy, 4 calls from my best close friend and some messages from my cousin on fb (I missed a rarely chance to chat him).

Last night, a friend of mine in Czech celebrated a small birthday party for her boyfriend. She asked me to join in it. The five-people party was funny and warm. But I felt lonely.

A birthday party seems to be very strange in my family. So I think that it is not important to get it. Previous birthdays, my mother just called me and said Happy birthday, my brother sent me a message with the same content. That’s enough to me! I had never been waiting for a call from my mother or brother such yesterday. The older I am, the nearer I want to be my beloveds. 30 year-old is really an important point in the life. I felt obvious changes in my both body and soul.

This morning, my close friend tried to reach me again and she succeeded. Few-minutes talking made me be better. She knows me so well! One more special thing between us this year is that General Vo Nguyen Giap died in her birthday, and the burial took place yesterday – my birthday!